This is the Individual statistics sheet. Information here is acquired from the Info sheet, the Data Entry sheet and the Earnings sheet.

Here is what the Individual statistics for each player on the team would look like. This example shows the statistics for player one. This sheet is TOTALLY AUTOMATIC. This sheet is also dynamic in that it is automatically updated with every game/score entered in the Data Entry sheet. This sheet, for every player, remains up to date as the season progresses. Also this sheet will print out and fit on one 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Here you will find your personal scores with the date for each time you bowled. All data here are cumulative totals. Up to the minute data for all of the above categories will appear here automatically. This is each players game by game record for the season. Close study of this data will help you identify trends.

Notice how Hi-1 (High Single) only gets entered when a higher then previous score/s have been achieved. Quantities of 600's, 700's and if your good enough, 800's only change when you achieve those series. We watch the first three games closely because ABC considers this a legal series even in a 4 or 5 game session. The Hi-4 and Hi-5 columns will change when you bowl more than the usual 3 games. They will update the moment you enter them into the Data Entry sheet.

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